It’s portable.  It’s lightweight.   Its unique design is inspired by nature.

Take it anywhere to maximize your fitness goals.

Welcome to the Inchworm Slider!

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Designed in conjunction with JungleFish, Inchworm Slider is the latest all-in-one fitness tool from VINTU



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Professionally endorsed and recommended by Craig Avera, Certified Cross Fitness trainer, Brick Crossfit Gym, West Hollywood California, the Inchworm Slider offers a serious workout to help strengthen core body muscles

Easy to clean*

Safe grip*

hand protection

Free movement*

Easy roll on wood and carpet

55 x 36.5 x 9 cm

3.6kg / 8lbs.

*(patent pending)



Unique built-in side handles and replaceable cushion

Low Profile

Easy to store and carry

Safe & Fun

A core body workout, quickly and efficiently!

Core Muscles

Why focus on the Core Muscle Group?

Having six pack abs can make you look great. More importantly, though, your core muscles are essential for overall fitness and performing even simple, everyday activities, from housework to standing. 


Helping support your back when you bend over and stand up:

Activities supported:  works with other core muscles to enable you to perform everyday activities, from housework to sports

Muscle names: Transverse and Rectus Abdominals


Enable you to twist and bend from side to side:

Activities supported:making a swing in golf or tennis, turning to view behind you

Muscle names: Obliques


The back muscles help support your abs:

Activities supported: sitting, bending to tie your shoe, or reaching up to take something off a shelf

Muscle names: Lats

Upper Legs

Helping support your back when you bend over and stand up:

Activities supported: sitting down, standing up, lifting heavy items and extending your legs

Muscle names: Hip Flexors, Abductors, Adductors, Hamstrings and Glutes

The Forward Slide

Grasping both handles and placing knees on the ground you can move the Slider 180 degrees, either in the forward motion, or side to side motion. The Forward Slide engages both the core body muscle group as well as the forearm muscles. 


(please refer to the Training section for additional movements and instructions)

The Seated Slide

Sitting on the Slider you can perform a variety of both forward and backward motion exercises, further strengthening the core body muscle group.



(please refer to the Training section for additional movements and instructions)

The Inchworm Slide

Placing hands on the floor (palms down), with feet on the Slider cushion, you can rotate the Slider 180 degrees to engage both the core body muscle group and leg muscles.



(please refer to the Training section for additional movements and instructions)

Select your next training :
Inverted Slide

Similar to the Inverted Ab Stretch, this excercise also offers a unique challenge to the core muscle group. As seen in the training video, both feet are placed on the Slider. Hands, with palms down, are securely placed to the sides. Slowly move the torso upwards, hold this position, and then by engaging leg muscles, push Slider forward. This movement is recommended only for the Advanced and Pro users. (Pro suggested regimen: two  sets of 10 reps)



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This FAQ is updated to reflect our most popular inquiries.

However, if you don't find the answer, please contact us through our Contact Form .

  • VINTU: Our aim is to Surprise and Delight every customer!

    Q: What age group is appropriate for the using the Slider?

    A: The Slider was designed to be safe to use for any healthy individual, age 16 and up.  However, we recommend that if you are concerned about your health,  you should first consult with a physician before performing any type of Slider related exercise.


    Q: Where can the Slider be used?

    A: Due to its unique portability features, the Slider can be used on any flat, smooth surface.  For maximum safety and comfort, as well as to be able to perform the variety of Slider exercises as shown in the training videos, please keep in mind that ample space for movement should be provided in your designated exercise area.


    Q: How much weight can be put on the Slider?

    A: The Slider is constructed of solid, durable materials, and can tolerate seating weights up to 100 kg (or 220 pounds).  Regardless of weight tolerance, standing on the Slider with both feet is never recommended due to safety issues.


    Q: What type of exercises can be performed with the Slider?

    A:  The variety of core-body exercises that can be performed with the Slider are essentially endless.  We suggest that you start out slowly with the exercises as shown in video 1 (for Beginners), and then advance to the next levels as tolerated.  As shown in the training videos, there are three training levels:Beginner, Advanced and Pro.  For a complete ab workout within each training level, you may want to perform all of the exercises as shown, carefully following the instructions for each activity. 


    Q: What kind of results can I expect from the using the Inchworm Slider?  If I use the Slider, can I get a 'six-pack'?  How long will it take to see results?

    A:  As with any exercise program, results that you may, or may not be able to obtain with the Slider will depend your following proper training technique (as illustrated in the training videos),  as well as your level of commitment to an abdominal training regimen. Therefore, results achieved, and the time it takes to achieve those results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee that if you use the Slider you will get 'six-pack' abs.  However, due to its unique design and function, regularly exercising with the Slider, along with consuming a healthy diet and controlling weight, can be an excellent addition to other core body exercises in helping you realize your overall fitness goals.  We look forward to hearing from you about your individual achievements and successes!


    Q: Besides the training videos, what other types of movements can be performed using the Slider?

    A: As previously mentioned, one outstanding feature of the Slider is that it provides the user the opportunity to engage in an endless number of core-body related exercises.  Please visit the Inchworm Slider website often for important new movements that will be added to the training section.  New movements will be evaluated by professional fitness trainers for efficacy, level of difficulty and safety.   Ideas and suggestions for core-body related exercises using the Slider are definitely welcome, and may be submitted via email at:


    Q: The top pillow/cushion is removable.  How do I clean it, and is it replaceable if it becomes worn or damaged?

    A:  The Slider cushion was designed to be removed for easy cleaning.  The material used for the cushion is highly durable, and can be cleaned using a damp cloth along with a mild detergent.  Allow the cushion to fully dry before replacing it on the Slider.  Replacement cushions are available in the event the cushion becomes damaged.  To order a replacement cushion, please contact customer service at: (current replacement price is: $20 + delivery fee).


    Q: What type of warranty is offered with the Inchworm Slider?

    A:  For warranty and returns information,  please refer to either the Amazon or Taobao (which ever company you purchased your Inchworm Slider from) returns policy and procedures.   Please carefully note their requirements for any type of issue related to returns.  VINTU will make every effort to facilitate your return by coordinating either with Amazon or Taobao.


    Q: What is VINTU's Privacy Policy related to the Inchworm website?

    A:  VINTU, LLC Privacy Policy: 

    VINTU, LLC values its visitors’ privacy. This privacy policy is effective [May 21, 2014]; it summarizes what information we might collect from a registered user or other visitor (“you”), and what we will and will not do with it. Please note that this privacy policy does not govern the collection and use of information by companies that VINTU, LLC does not control, nor by individuals not employed or managed by VINTU, LLC. If you visit a Web site that we mention or link to, be sure to review its privacy policy before providing the site with information.

    What we do with your personally identifiable information. It is always up to you whether to disclose personally identifiable information to us, although if you elect not to do so, we reserve the right not to register you as a user or provide you with any products or services. “Personally identifiable information” means information that can be used to identify you as an individual, such as, for example:your name, company, email address, phone number, billing address, and shipping address/any account-preference information you provide us. If you do provide personally identifiable information to us, either directly or through a reseller or other business partner, we will:not sell or rent it to a third party without your permission — although unless you opt out (see below), we may use your contact information to provide you with information we believe you need to know or may find useful, such as (for example) news about our services and products and modifications to the Terms of Service;take commercially reasonable precautions to protect the information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction;Not disclose personal information, except as necessary to protect the rights, safety, or property of VINTU, LLC, its users, or others; this may include (for example) exchanging information with other organizations for fraud protection and/or risk reduction.

    Other information we collect

    We may collect other information that cannot be readily used to identify you, such as (for example) the domain name and IP address of your computer. We may use this information, individually or in the aggregate, for technical administration of our Web site(s); research and development; customer- and account administration; and to help us focus our marketing efforts more precisely.


    VINTU, LLC does not use ‘cookies’ to store personal data on your computer.

    Your privacy responsibilities

    To help protect your privacy, be sure: not to share your user ID or password with anyone else; to log off the Inchworm Slider Web site when you are finished;to take customary precautions to guard against “malware” (viruses, Trojan horses, bots, etc.), for example by installing and updating suitable anti-virus software.